Space and Time in 2023

The year of shipping.

Catherine Daly

Head of Product Marketing

2023 has been an exciting year for Space and Time! This year, we launched our platform in beta, shipped new products, and expanded our community and ecosystem. Our team, partners, investors, and community have so much to be proud of and even more to look forward to. Check out some of the highlights from our year.

Ship ship ship

Announcing beta

Early in the year, we announced that SxT was launching in beta at our Consensus Product Day event, where Co-Founders Nate and Scott gave presentations on the SxT platform and what it empowers for Web3 devs and enterprises. 

“Powering applications for the Verify Everything future.”

Launching Houston and the Space and Time Studio

One of the hottest topics of the year was the intersection of AI and blockchain. Space and Time led the way for innovation by launching the Space and Time Studio, our dapp frontend, to make it easier than ever to access and build with blockchain data using AI. The Studio also includes Houston, SxT’s OpenAI-powered chatbot that lets you generate SQL queries, dashboards, data pipelines, and more from natural language prompts.

Proof of SQL is here

Arguably the biggest milestone for SxT in 2023 was the launch of Proof of SQL, SxT’s novel ZK proof for SQL operations. Proof of SQL launched in alpha in August and has since been integrated by Google BigQuery and leading Web3 projects like Lendvest and Instruxi. In October, we announced that the Proof of SQL verifier will run natively on the Chainlink network to make the protocol more trustless, decentralized, and accessible to the broader Web3 community.

Shipping products

Our team shipped several other products and features throughout the year to enhance the performance, capabilities, and UX of SxT, including:

Enhancing our ecosystem

Partnering with industry leaders

We announced several new partnerships this year with some of the biggest names in Web3 and tech. We also made significant strides in our partnerships with Microsoft and Chainlink to enhance SxT with their tech and GTM resources. You can read some of the announcements here:


We welcomed several new members to the SxT beta, including leading projects spanning DeFi, gaming, TradFi, and Web3 infra. We’re excited to continue to expand the SxT ecosystem in 2024 and deliver verifiable compute to new use cases. You can learn more about some of the projects that are #BuiltOnSxT here:

Community growth 

One of the most exciting successes of the year has been the immense growth we’ve seen in the SxT community, with over 34.5k new members joining across all platforms. Community has always been a principal focus of SxT, and we look forward to seeing our community continue to expand next year.

Industry engagement


We kicked off our 2023 conference circuit in February at ETHDenver, a community-owned Web3 developer conference in Denver, Colorado. The SxT team met with partners, investors, and developers, co-hosted a happy hour event with Framework Ventures, and connected in-person with the large cohort of team members that are local to Denver.

You can read the full recap here.


In March, the team showed out at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), an event that brings the game development community together to exchange ideas, solve problems, and shape the future of the industry across five days of education, inspiration, and networking. We co-hosted a lounge with Stardust, demoed the Chainlink/SxT integration, and explored new SxT use cases for games and game developers.

You can read the full recap here.


In April, the SxT team traveled to Austin for the Consensus conference, the world’s largest and longest-running gathering of the Web3 and crypto community. It was a very exciting week of announcing the beta launch of our product, hosting our Product Day and Ecosystem Night events, teaming up with Shrapnel for a booth, and demoing some of the newest SxT features, including Houston, our OpenAI chatbot.

You can read the full recap here.


In September, co-founders Nate and Scott traveled to Singapore for Token2049, the premier crypto event in Asia. Scott joined Chainlink’s William Reilly and Zettablock’s Chi Zhang for a discussion centered around scaling smart contracts for the next wave of Web3 at the HashKey Capital event, and gave a presentation on the SxT Verifiable Compute Layer at IOSG Ventures’ Old Friends Reunion. 


In October, our conference circuit culminated in our biggest event yet: Chainlink SmartCon. Nate and Scott gave presentations, members of SxT leadership participated in panels, and the team demoed the Space and Time Studio to Chainlink ecosystem members and developers at the SxT booth. We highlighted our partnership with Chainlink by announcing a new integration of Proof of SQL in the Chainlink Network, and were honored to have Microsoft’s Rashmi Misra join us at the conference to showcase what Space and Time is building alongside Mircosoft. 

You can read the full recap here.

Team moments

SxT’s successful year would not have been possible without our amazing core team. Despite being a remote and distributed company, we found ways to connect, both virtually and in-person. In May, the whole team gathered for a company all-hands in La Jolla, California, which was a great opportunity to collaborate across teams and bond as an organization.

As we move into 2024, we’re grateful for the support of our community, customers, partners, and investors. We look forward to delivering on our roadmap and celebrating more milestones in the coming year.

Catherine Daly

Head of Product Marketing

Catherine Daly is a senior marketing strategist with a passion for building community around emerging technology. Prior to Space and Time, Catherine managed full-funnel marketing for both startups and established global organizations in the semiconductor industry. She is accomplished in developing data-driven integrated communications strategies to accelerate growth for businesses across Web3 and the technology ecosystem. At Space and Time, Catherine oversees all growth, community, brand, product marketing, and content strategy.