Space and Time at GDC 2023

A recap of our week in San Francisco.

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This week, the Space and Time team showed out at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), an event that brings the game development community together to exchange ideas, solve problems, and shape the future of the industry across five days of education, inspiration, and networking. We co-hosted a lounge with our recently announced partner, Stardust, demoed the Chainlink/SxT integration, and explored new Space and Time use cases for games and game developers.

A buzzing crowd at the conference
CEO and Co-Founder Nate Holiday gaming at GDC

Stardust partnership announcement

At the beginning of the week, Stardust announced its partnership with Space and Time. The announcement was covered by several leading publications and generated buzz for our collaboration at GDC. We look forward to continuing to work with Stardust to empower game developers to build scalable blockchain-based games powered by analytic insights.

"We are thrilled to partner with Stardust, a leading blockchain gaming development platform. Space and Time is committed to providing essential next-generation infrastructure and developer tools to power the future of Web3 gaming." -Nate Holiday, CEO and Co-Founder

The Stardust Cantina powered by Space and Time

At the conference, we co-hosted the Stardust Cantina powered by Space and Time alongside our new partner. The lounge was a huge success, with game developers from all over the conference stopping by to learn more about building games with Stardust and Space and Time. Our presence at the Cantina was an opportunity to interact directly with the developers that will build new, exciting Web3 games on top of Space and Time once we launch our Open Beta this year.

Full house at the Stardust Cantina
Stardust CEO Canaan Linder and team at the Stardust Cantina

Interfacing with leaders in Web3 gaming

The team also had a chance to meet with some of the leading projects in Web3 gaming, including our friends at Shrapnel. Shrapnel is at the forefront of AAA blockchain gaming, and we're excited to see the project progress. A few team members were even able to play a demo of the highly anticipated game.

SxT Head of Solutions Stephen Hilton and Head of Ecosystem Ebru Engwall with Shrapnel Co-Founders Calvin Zhou and Mark Yeend

Chainlink Functions demo

Our presence at GDC culminated with a joint demo of Space and Time and Chainlink Functions. The presentation demonstrated how Space and Time and Chainlink are integrating to make it easy for developers to connect tamperproof analytics against on-chain and off-chain data directly to their smart contracts. This is particularly important to allow gaming developers to generate insights around in-game and on-chain activity to pay players out on-chain.

Ebru Engwall presenting the demo

Space and Time for gaming

Space and Time is building critical infrastructure for the Web3 gaming stack, allowing blockchain-based games to easily join large volumes of off-chain game telemetry with on-chain ownership data in one request, then send that answer back on-chain. If you’re building for the next generation of gaming and looking for new ways to facilitate complex earning schemes for your players, we invite you to come build with Space and Time.

Ebru Engwall, Stephen Hilton, and Creative Director Spencer Reeves

Space and Time in the industry

Earlier this month, Wemade, one of the largest gaming companies in the world, announced its partnership with Space and Time. We're thrilled to work with Wemade, Stardust, and other leaders in the gaming industry to advance blockchain-based gaming with essential next-generation infrastructure and developer tools.

Wemade booth at GDC

At Space and Time, we believe that blockchain is the future of gaming. We're incredibly energized by the amazing projects and individuals we've met in the space so far, and look forward to working with more game developers to make this future a robust reality. Be on the lookout for some Space and Time easter eggs in your favorite game!

The Chainlink team at their GDC booth. Chainlink is a premiere partner of Space and Time.
Space and Time

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