Deploy your dapp frontend.
Deploy your smart contract.
Space and Time does the rest.

SQL APIs on data lake/transactional database

Build data-driven dapps with pre-built APIs for SQL operations. Run SQL against your own offchain data tables and tables with realtime blockchain data that we've indexed from major chains.

Full-stack dapp backend

Deploy dapps without managing your own backend infrastructure. Space and Time is both your database and your serverless backend, fully decentralized.

Pre-built Web3 APIs

Power your dapps with tamperproof realtime blockchain data that we index from major chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Sui. We have all the APIs you need.

Onchain and offchain data

Leverage cryptographically guaranteed real-world data in your dapps without breaking the zero-trust model. Join blockchain data with your dapp-generated data in a single query.


Publish your queries to beautiful custom-branded dashboards and integrate your dashboards into any environment, including your dapps.


Build ML and AI with verifiable data. Train your models on tamperproof data from onchain and offchain sources.


Smart contracts have no query language

How does a smart contract for a DeFi protocol ask the question, “show me all wallets that have transacted in liquidity pool XYZ and have a balance greater than $1,000?”

New financial instruments onchain

Space and Time allows smart contracts to ask complex questions about onchain activity, as well as combine real-world data with onchain transactions to enable new financial instruments onchain.

Trustless SQL database

Space and Time is a trustless SQL database that lets you join provided data indexed from major blockchains with offchain data loaded from any source.

Publish query results onchain

Run SQL queries in our database or complex calculations with our Tamperproof Python service and connect the results back to your smart contract.

Proof of SQL

Proof of SQL computes a zk-proof on SQL operations, guaranteeing that the query execution and underlying data are accurate and tamperproof.

Decentralized lending

With Space and Time, you can combine real-world credit scores with onchain transactions to create new Web3 credit scores for decentralized lending platforms.


Power better gameplay and onchain earnings.

Onchain and offchain data

Join in-game events with onchain activity/transactions. Run analytics to generate deeper insights around what your community is doing in-game and onchain. Understand what’s happening in your game and what led to an onchain purchase.

Transactions and analytics

Power your game with extremely low-latency transactions and run scale-out analytics against terabytes of data. Your smart contract can also query Space and Time directly to mint rewards for your players based on in-game events. Better gameplay, better matchmaking, better onchain earnings for your players.

Connect your source databases to the blockchain.

Onboarding Web2
enterprise data

Trustless intermediary

Integrate the blockchain with your existing enterprise systems. Space and Time acts as the trustless intermediary between enterprise data and the blockchain. Connect your source EDWs or data lakes, and aggregate your data with familiar SQL tools.

Integrate with the blockchain

Join your offchain data with indexed blockchain data preloaded in Space and Time, run transactional and analytic queries, and send query results back onchain with cryptographic verifiability. Access, update, and integrate data stored on the blockchain, without costly and time-consuming re-architecting.

SQL ledger

Encrypt your data and share it securely.

Verifiable data and compute

Ensure data integrity and security with a cryptographically guaranteed ledger of SQL operations. Space and Time is a tamperproof database for facilitating private, encrypted, verifiable tables. Access your tables at any time with a simple SQL query and cryptographic guarantees that the data has not been manipulated.

In-database encryption

We encrypt your data in-database for maximum security. Space and Time lets you prove compliance, track supply chain history, maintain an auditable record of financial transactions, and more by ensuring that your data is accurate, verifiable, and traceable at all times.

Verifiable LLMs

Train large language models on provable datasets.

Build transparent, tamperproof, and provably neutral LLMs. With Proof of SQL, Space and Time can guarantee that: 

1. The LLM was trained on an unbiased dataset.
2. The LLM parameters were configured neutrally and weren’t tampered.
3. As the model updates over time, it’s not being fine-tuned on manipulated data.

Sub-Second ZK Proofs

ZK-proven SQL for your smart contract.

Delivering first sub-second ZK proofs onchain

Devs need to be able to deliver onchain data to their smart contract within block time. Space and Time pioneered the first sub-second ZK proofs so that your smart contract can ask data-driven questions about indexed data from every major chain and offchain data from any source in a realtime, ZK-proven way.

Data-driven questions for your smart contract

Your smart contract can ask questions like... "What is the sum of all collateral currently available in these 100 liquidity pools?" or "What are the top wallets that have recently won this video game, minted an NFT from my collection, and have at least two hours of playtime (to mint an onchain reward)?"

Web3 Infra

More ways to use Space and Time.


Build infrastructure for Web3 auth, tamperproof offchain compute, analytics, AI/ML, IoT, order books, and other real-world data with Space and Time. Use Space and Time as your low-latency OLTP and petabyte-scale OLAP database. We handle extremely high streaming volumes with built-in Kafka instances and decentralized SQL queries over the data lake.


Secure your smart contract with realtime data that’s guaranteed to be accurate. Send KYC data and OFAC compliance lists to your smart contract before executing a trade to ensure safe transactions and regulatory compliance.

Social media

Run analytics against platform activity and connect the results to your smart contract to pay content creators onchain. Aggregate and analyze terabytes of social media data, and send only the most important information to your smart contract.

Options trading

Calculate options prices offchain and guarantee the result with Proof of SQL. Run complex trading models with realtime price information and send your smart contract the realtime result, cryptographically guaranteed to be accurate.

TradFi prediction markets

Bet against any market onchain. With Space and Time, you can aggregate offchain data from any market, like real estate, consumer goods, or foreign currencies, into a single index. Run tamperproof queries directly from a smart contract to inform your bets onchain.


We’re taking Proof of Reserves a step further. Create a fully automated and transparent exchange process for your CEX. Space and Time acts as a tamperproof database for private financial data. Send anonymous client deposit data to a smart contract to automatically execute a custodial purchase.

Custodial digital assets

Don’t let self-custody be a barrier to adoption of your game, exchange, or bank. Hold custody of your users’ digital assets in a tamperproof database. Your smart contract can query Space and Time to mint their assets to them when they’re ready to take custody.


Facilitate parametric insurance payouts onchain. Aggregate offchain telemetry from any source, like weather sensors, automobiles, or health devices in Space and Time. Your smart contract can query the aggregation in real time when it’s time to make a payout.

Loyalty programs

Connect Web2 loyalty rewards data to the blockchain. Space and Time can join data from an offchain database with onchain transactions. Provide your users with immutable reward for loyalty and allow them to exchange points for NFTs or crypto.

Tokenization of real-world assets

Put real-world assets onchain, backed by cryptographically guaranteed offchain data and computation. Query terabytes of realtime and historical data on pricing and availability of tickets, real estate, or equities and connect the result to your smart contract.