Our Brand and Press Guidelines

Latest update: December 2022

The Space and Time brand guide provides a comprehensive template for developers, creators, press, and partners.

This brand guide outlines how to utilize our logo, colors, fonts, and branding for promoting Space and Time.

Space and Time Logo

The Hexasphere is the symbol of the Space and Time brand.

The logo may only be used in the formats, orientations and colors specified below, applied with the described clear space.

Approved formats and orientations

The approved orientations are the main horizontal logo with wordmark, vertical lockup with wordmark, and symbol only.

Main Logo.

Vertical Lockup.

Hexasphere (symbol only).

Logo color and background

Color and white versions should be used against dark backgrounds. The black version should be used against lighter backgrounds.

Main Logo on dark background.

White Logo on dark background.

Black Logo on light background.

Clear space

To keep the logo from becoming cluttered by surrounding content, such as other logos, text or the edge of a page, a specific amount of space is necessary to be clear around it. The minimum offsets for the three logo variations are described here.


The structure, color, proportion, elements, or orientation of the logo must not be changed. The three approved logo versions should be used in their original forms.

The logo should not be used in sizes or resolutions in which text and the Hexasphere's details become unrecognizable.

Don't apply the main color logo version on a light background – use the black variant instead.

Don't alter, stretch or change the logo and the wordmark typeface.

Don't use an outlined version.

Don't apply fill colors, gradients or images on the logo.

Our color palette

Our color palette is striking and flexible to create impact in all communications. It projects a bright and vibrant energy.

Electric Purple

HEX #5000bf
HSV (265, 100, 75)

Neon Magenta

HSV (310, 95, 80)

Main Color Gradient

Nebula Black

HEX #100217
HSV (280, 90, 9)

Nebula Silver

HEX #6f4d80
HSV (280, 40, 50)

Off White

HEX #e6e6e6
HSV (0, 0, 90)


This section outlines the fonts to be used in any communication and design space.

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