Space and Time at ETHDenver 2023

A recap of our week in Denver.

Space and Time

Decentralized Data Warehouse

Last week, the Space and Time team kicked off our 2023 conference circuit by attending ETHDenver, a community-owned Web3 developer conference in Denver, Colorado. The Space and Time team met with partners, investors, and developers to explore how Space and Time will solve new use cases for Web3 with our upcoming Open Beta launch slated for this spring. We also co-hosted a happy hour event with Framework Ventures and connected in-person with the large cohort of Space and Time team members that are local to Denver. 

Core event

ETHDenver was a great opportunity for the team to connect with new projects and developers interested in leveraging a decentralized data warehouse. The conference is developer-focused, which allowed us to meet an expansive variety of Web3 devs and add to our burgeoning developer community. To become a part of the Space and Time developer community, and to receive the latest updates on our product and conference circuit, join the Space and Time Discord server.

Creative Director Spencer Reeves playing a demo of Moonray

Happy hour with Framework Ventures

Space and Time co-hosted a side-event happy hour with Framework Ventures, a blockchain investment firm that led our seed funding round in July of last year. The event attracted founders, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world and provided a setting for intimate networking and collaboration outside of the core ETHDenver event. If you’re interested in joining the growing Space and Time ecosystem of partners and developers, reach out to us.

Director of Architecture Henry Daly, Content Lead Catherine Hickox, Head of Solutions Stephen Hilton, and Creative Director Spencer Reeves representing Space and Time with specially designed ETHDenver merch

Team bonding

Although Space and Time is a remote, distributed company, we have concentrations of team members in several areas, one of the largest being in Denver. ETHDenver allowed these team members to reconnect in-person with each other and those that traveled in for the event. Working at Space and Time means having the flexibility of remote work while still being presented with ample opportunity to foster team relationships face-to-face. To become a part of the Space and Time team, check out our open positions.

Space and Time team dinner

We're planning to launch the Open Beta of the Space and Time data warehouse, as well as our novel cryptography Proof of SQL, later this year. Our time at ETHDenver illuminated how much excitement is drumming up surrounding our product and the many use cases it seeks to solve. We look forward to more conferences and product announcements throughout this year. Space and Time will have a presence at the Game Developers Conference later this month in San Francisco, and Consensus next month in Austin.

Space and Time

Decentralized Data Warehouse