Built On SxT: Diving Board

Next-gen options trading platform built on Space and Time's Verifiable Compute Layer.

Built on SxT is a customer-authored blog series that showcases the many use cases across Web3 that are being built on top of Space and Time. This blog post was authored by the team at Diving Board to highlight how Space and Time is a critical part of their stack.

Diving Board, a next-gen DeFi options trading platform, today announced its official launch. Diving Board unlocks DeFi’s full potential with cross-chain liquidity aggregation, advanced algorithms and machine learning (ML) insights to empower more informed and strategic trading.

Diving Board offers a user-friendly and efficient options trading experience by aggregating liquidity from protocols across major chains and presenting the data in a comprehensive UI. Designed with big whales in mind, Diving Board collates data from both CEXs and DEXs to help traders source the optimal price for large trades while minimizing slippage, maximizing liquidity and ensuring optimal execution.

Diving Board is now available in alpha.

“We are very excited to launch Diving Board to usher in the next generation of DeFi options trading. Options are incredibly data-driven, and it’s paramount that the data powering our platform is accurate and tamper-proof. We’ve built Diving Board on Space and Time’s verifiable compute layer to power more informed and strategic trading for our users.” said Vinita Rathi, Founder of Diving Board and CEO of Systango.

Integral to the launch is Space and Time, the Verifiable Compute Layer that powers the Diving Board platform. Space and Time’s decentralized data warehouse and full-stack zero-knowledge (ZK) developer tools will allow Diving Board to power its aggregations and algorithms with verifiable data and compute.

The launch of Diving Board represents a momentous leap forward in the world of DeFi, furnishing major-league traders with a best-in-class experience for liquidity, price execution, risk management, security and user experience.