Built On SxT: Golteum

Verifiable data backend for next-gen trading.

Built on SxT is a customer-authored blog series that showcases the many use cases across Web3 that are being built on top of Space and Time. This blog post was authored by the team at Golteum to highlight how Space and Time is a critical part of their stack. You can read the original blog post here.

Golteum is excited to announce that we are building with Space and Time, the Verifiable Compute Layer for Web3, to power a more robust and trust-minimized trading experience for Web3.

What is Golteum?

Golteum is a cutting-edge Web3 trading platform that uniquely integrates the trading of precious metals with digital assets. Golteum provides a transparent and accessible trading environment, leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate the buying, selling, and redemption of tokens backed by real-world assets. The Golteum platform stands out for its commitment to providing a secure and seamless trading experience, ensuring the highest standards of integrity and compliance in digital asset transactions.

Leveraging Verifiable Compute

Golteum will utilize Space and Time’s novel ZK-proof, Proof of SQL, to enhance security and minimize trust in its operations. Proof of SQL allows Golteum to verify the authenticity and chain of custody of precious metals traded on its platform. This technology ensures that all transaction data is accurate and unaltered, which is pivotal in maintaining the transparency and reliability that Golteum promises to its users.

Web3-Native Data Services

Space and Time serves as a decentralized data backend for Golteum, providing a suite of ZK developer tools and a decentralized data warehouse that reduces overhead and speeds up development time for the Golteum team. This infrastructure enables Golteum to join offchain datasets with ZK-proven indexed data from the chain, run low low-latency transactions and scalable analytics against the data, and publish the result to in-app user dashboards or its smart contract onchain. The integration of Space and Time’s full stack of ZK developer tools empowers Golteum to offer its users a more enriched, data-driven trading experience.

BUILD for the Future

Both Space and Time and Golteum are part of the Chainlink BUILD program, and both are deeply integrated with the Chainlink Network. Space and Time leverages Chainlink Functions to allow its users to send query results onchain natively from the Space and Time platform, and Golteum utilizes Chainlink Proof of Reserves to monitor its treasury and prove a 1:1 asset backing. The synergies and collaboration between Chainlink BUILD projects highlights the leadership of the Chainlink ecosystem in building the future of Web3.