Space and Time at Consensus 2023

A recap of our week in Austin.

Space and Time

Decentralized Data Warehouse

Last week, the Space and Time team traveled to Austin for the Consensus conference, the world’s largest and longest-running gathering of the Web3 and crypto community. It was a very exciting week of announcing the beta launch of our product, hosting our Product Day and Ecosystem Night events, teaming up with Shrapnel for a booth, and demoing some of the newest SxT features, including Houston, our OpenAI chatbot.

Beta launch announcement

We kicked off the conference by announcing the beta launch of Space and Time, the first decentralized data warehouse. Space and Time allows developers to leverage provable computation against on-chain and off-chain data to power dapps, smart contracts, and verifiable AI models. The launch of the beta means that Space and Time is now available to developers. You can read the announcement here and sign up for beta access here.

“AI is shaping the future of business operations in an unprecedented way. As we move further into the age of AI, enterprises need to develop a focused strategy for leveraging its benefits. The assurance that AI is being trained on verifiable data and computation should instill confidence in enterprises seeking to incorporate it into critical business processes.” - John Kanan, Senior Partner at Bain & Company
Nate announces the beta launch of Space and Time at Product Day

Space and Time x Shrapnel booth

The Space and Time team ran a joint booth with our friends at Shrapnel throughout the conference. The booth was a huge success, allowing conference goers to play the highly anticipated FPS game and view Space and Time-powered analytics against their gameplay in real time. Even Myth stopped by to check it out!

Booth attendees playing Shrapnel
“Web3 analytics are going to be critical to the success of blockchain games and Space and Time has the best service available. Just like any Web2 free-to-play game, realtime analytics are how you improve the player experience. You need lightning-fast execution of data from on-chain transactions to in-game activity to leaderboards and more. And players want to know that all the data is accurate and verifiable. Space and Time is just the perfect complement to Shrapnel’s own blockchain and live-ops tech.” - Mark Long, CEO of Shrapnel.
Stephen giving a demo of the Space and Time dapp

The biggest hit of our demo was Houston, the Space and Time AI data engineer. You can ask Houston for anything, including SQL queries, Python scripts, charts and dashboards, and more, with simple natural-lanugage prompts. Houston is available on the Space and Time dapp frontend.

Product Day

On Wednesday, we hosted Product Day, an exclusive gathering showcasing the latest cutting-edge technology in Web3 and data warehousing. Our founders, Nate Holiday and Scott Dykstra, gave presentations on the newly launched product and its continuing roadmap before Todd Barr, CMO of Chainlink, moderated a panel with Scott, Ron Bodkin (ChainML), Somin Lee (Microsoft), and Robert Materazzi (Lukka).

Scott presents Space and Time product features and roadmap
Industry leaders attend Product Day

Ecosystem Night

Following Product Day, we opened up the space for Ecosystem Night, a community celebration of the Space and Time journey. Ecosystem members, including Chainlink, Shrapnel, Stardust, Primex, Sotero, Instruxi, and Lendvest, demoed their products and integrations with Space and Time while the room buzzed with excitement surrounding the launch of Space and Time.

Lendvest demo
The crowd enjoys Ecosystem Night

The beta launch of Space and Time is not just exciting news for our team and community, it’s also a critical step forward in creating a world that goes beyond just trust. We can't wait to see what you build on Space and Time.

Space and Time

Decentralized Data Warehouse