Decentralized data backend for dapps

Decentralized data backend for dappsDecentralized data backend for dapps

We automate building a high-performance backend for your app.


Ask OpenAI to generate pipelines with Python, SQL, APIs, streams, oracles, and smart contracts onchain.


Ask OpenAI to write queries and publish to APIs, dashboards, dapps, blockchains, and other databases.

Put Onchain

Your smart contracts can query your Space and Time environment directly within block time, with ZK proofs.

Low-latency OLTP and scalable OLAP for your dapps and analytics

Explore and organize

Explore available blockchain data or load your own offchain data.

Connect sources or streams

Pull from your data lake, source databases, logs, applications, and of course the blockchain.

Visualize data

Power beautiful dashboards with Space and Time’s scalable, low-cost analytic engine.

Permission and secure

Secure your tables with role-based access control, in-database encryption, and ZK proofs.

Pipelines in production in seconds

Easily generate and deploy pipelines with Python, SQL, APIs, streams, oracles, and smart contracts.

High-performance SQL

Build with a low-latency transactional engine to power dapps and a scalable analytic engine for dashboards.

APIs for everything

Access our pre-built APIs for SQL operations, blockchain data, streaming, security, and more.

OpenAI for everything

Ask our OpenAI-powered chatbot for queries, docs, Python scripts, streams, oracle jobs, smart contracts, and more.

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