Low-latency transactions and scalable analytics in a single cluster

Space and Time handles extreme workloads at tens of TBs

Scalable OLTP faster than PostgreSQL

Online transaction processing (OLTP) is SxT's ability to deliver low-latency queries that power realtime applications and APIs.

Developers need to perform extremely fast lookups to power their applications.

Space and Time is multi-node, decentralized, and scales easily past 1 terabyte.

Space and Time provides row-based OLTP in-memory cache at cluster scale with extreme throughput.

Realtime OLAP cheaper than Snowflake

Online analytic processing (OLAP) is SxT’s ability to handle complex queries that power insights, dashboards, ML, and data science.

Developers need an OLAP system that has access to fresh data.

Data analysts, dashboard developers, and realtime dapps need online analytics.

Space and Time provides column-based GPU-accelerated OLAP with elastic scale-out that’s not only realtime, but also fresh.

Extreme workloads
against blockchain data

OLTP + OLAP in one cluster

Developers need access to both low-latency APIs and massive scale-out analytic jobs against blockchain data.

Blockchain data preloaded

Space and Time does it all in one cluster. We scale to capture every event, from every transaction, from every block, from every major chain.

Join onchain and offchain data

Space and Time can join blockchain data with all your app-generated offchain data in one massive cluster. Data storage is always free.