Proof of SQL

A novel ZK proof for SQL that proves your queries are accurate and tamperproof.


Proving time
on 100k rows


Verifying time
on 100k rows


Proving time
on 100M rows


Verifying time
on 100M rows

Proof of Query & Verifiable Data

The Verifiable Compute Layer

Proof of SQL is a novel zero-knowledge cryptography developed by Space and Time, which proves that each query computation was done accurately and that both the query and the underlying data are verifiably tamperproof. Connect scalable offchain compute to your smart contracts, prove that your data hasn't been manipulated, and verify the integrity of private data without revealing the data itself. All within block time.

Space and Time is built for smart contracts

Space and Time was built to deliver trustless data and analytics to smart contracts.


Extending smart contract capabilities


Smart contracts enable trustless automation, but they’re very limited in the type of calculations they can perform.


Even simple queries used to execute basic business logic can’t be done with a smart contract, let alone queries that generate larger analytic insights.


You can run these queries in a data warehouse, but today’s data warehouses are centralized, and the query results coming out can’t be trusted by a smart contract.


Smart contracts need Space and Time

Smart contracts need a decentralized data warehouse that connects trustless analytics.


Space and Time is a fully decentralized and community-operated data platform.


Space and Time is a hybrid transactional database and analytic data warehouse that can handle any workload in a single cluster.


With Space and Time, you can run queries against data we’ve indexed from all major blockchains and data you’ve loaded from any offchain source.


You can join onchain and offchain data in a single query


Our novel cryptography, Proof of SQL, cryptographically proves that each query result is accurate and that the underlying data hasn’t been tampered with.


Those query results can be connected directly to smart contracts to enable new, expanded use cases for gaming, DeFi, and enterprise-scale business processes.


Space and Time is revolutionizing smart contract automation

Space and Time was built to deliver trustless data and analytics to smart contracts.