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We build the most powerful analytic tools in Web3.
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A next generation data frontend


Explore and visualize available blockchain data right away. Start running queries, creating tables, and loading your own data by simply connecting your wallet.


Ask our OpenAI-powered chatbot for help with anything as you navigate through the dapp. Generate SQL queries from simple natural-language prompts.


Publish your query results to customizable dashboards. Our favorite dashboards will be features on the Community Dashboards page of our website.

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Auth your way, Web2 or Web3.

Authenticate with Web3 role-based access control, your Web3 wallet, or a simple Web2 username/password. We'll even store your secrets in our secrets proxy.

Serverless backend for dapps.

We are your decentralized serverless backend. No need to deploy an API server.

Publish new APIs in seconds.

Easily integrate Space and Time into your dapp. Create new API routes with our Views API.

Native Web3 oracle integration.

Send tamperproof query results to your smart contract directly from Space and Time with our native Chainlink integration.

Built-in Kafka streaming at scale.

We handle extremely high streaming volumes with Kafka instances built into our API gateway.