Built On SxT: CUBE3

CUBE3 and Space and Time partner to make Web3 safer.

Built on SxT is a customer-authored blog series that showcases the many use cases across Web3 that are being built on top of Space and Time. This blog post was authored by the team at CUBE3 to highlight how Space and Time is a critical part of their stack.

At CUBE3.AI, our mission is to make web3 safer by closing the transaction security gap. Today, I’m excited to share that we’re further strengthening our real-time web3 transaction security platform by integrating Space and Time’s verifiable compute layer.  

The Space and Time verifiable compute layer comes pre-packaged with a full stack of zk developer tools – including a decentralized data warehouse, indexed blockchain data, an API gateway, a next-gen AI frontend and Proof-of-SQL zk technology. Verifiability is a key requirement for smart contract security. Space and Time’s verifiable compute layer will enable us to transparently store analytical outputs – like risk scores and wallet addresses provided to smart contracts – and ensure that the data and compute powering our risk analysis comes with a ‘gold check’ of authenticity.

I’m also excited to share that the CUBE3 and Space and Time partnership gives Dapp developers building on Space and Time, seamless access to our comprehensive risk scores, and build an open-source framework for the web3 community to enhance our “allowlist.”

I recently spoke to Space and Time CTO and Co-Founder Scott Dykstra, who said,

“At Space and Time, our focus has always been on building a full-stack verifiable compute layer to scale smart contracts and usher in the vision of web3. Our partnership with CUBE3 reaffirms our shared objective—secure, data-driven smart contracts powered by verifiable data and compute.”

I’m very excited about CUBE3 and Space and Time partnership and what we’re building together. Space and Time has pioneered the first zk-data warehouse contributing to verification era, and CUBE3 is creating the first real-time transaction security layer. CUBE3 can leverage Space and Time’s verifiable compute layer, and developers building on Space and Time have access to comprehensive Risk Scores. Together, we can continue to make the web3 ecosystem safer.

We’re excited to continue building toward a secure, scalable and transparent web3 future.

We look forward to sharing more milestones and invite you to join us on this journey.

Stay tuned for more!