Blazing Fast Queries.

Data Warehouse.

Web3-native SQL for smart contracts.
Build dapps that join tamperproof data
indexed from major blockchains &
off-chain sources, at enterprise scale.

+ Analytics.

Join on-chain and off-chain data.

Imagine The Graph meets Snowflake, but cryptographically guaranteed. Load data from any source and run sub-second analytics that produce verifiably tamperproof results, while remaining fully decentralized. Space and Time™ is a hybrid database and data warehouse that supports both transactional and analytic queries in a single cluster (HTAP).

Proof of SQL™.

Trustless smart contract connection.

Connect data and analytics directly to smart contracts with cryptographic guarantees. Whether aggregating data we’ve indexed from major chains, or connecting off-chain data feeds, we enable smart contracts to execute tamperproof SQL. For example, your smart contract can ask "show me top wallets that have recently won this game, for an on-chain reward."

Web3-Native Tools.

Developer platform for dapps.

Build dapps on Space and Time with the Web3 stack, accessing realtime data we’ve indexed from major chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance, and Sui. We have native integrations for Chainlink oracles, decentralized storage, web3.js/ethers.js, and much more.

Enterprise Scale.

Easy & Elastic Scalability for tens of TBs.

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Petabyte-Scale Storage.

Major blockchains generate terabytes of data. Our network scales to petabytes elastically, and data storage is always free. Load in your own data from source systems with REST APIs, JDBC, Kafka streams, ETL tools, etc.

Encryption and Privacy.

We encrypt private data at rest and in transit, and enable enterprises to join public on-chain data with sensitive, private off-chain data loaded in.


We scale to thousands of concurrent requests with high TPS to power dapps and analytics... regardless of the query complexity.

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Space and Time™
Web3-native SQL for smart contracts. Build dapps that join tamperproof data indexed from major blockchain & off-chain sources, at enterprise scale.
The permissionless layer 1 blockchain designed to enable developers to build experiences to the next billion users in Web3.
Space and Time Database
Space and Time will serve as the query layer of Sui, indexing data from the chain, and sending query results back to Sui in a trustless way.
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Space and Time.
Web3 Data Warehouse