October 4, 2022

Truflation and Space and Time Partner to Enhance Real-World Economic Data for Web3

Truflation and Space and Time are partnering to provide a multichain Web3 developer experience...

Truflation and Space and Time are partnering to provide a multichain web3 developer experience and quickly aggregate new off-chain data points into tamperproof, on-chain indexes.

Truflation offers independent and censorship-resistant inflation calculations based on census-driven price information from more than 40 data sources in real time. Truflation recently released a data marketplace where customers can find, request, or create custom data indexes and add new data sets to Truflation's infrastructure. Truflation’s customers need self-service access to the existing data points and an ability to easily put new data on the blockchain and combine the existing data into new indexes and insights. 

Space and Time is a decentralized hybrid transactional database and analytic data warehouse. Data stored and queried in Space and Time is cryptographically guaranteed by a novel SNARK-based cryptography called Proof of SQL that produces a verifiably tamperproof result. Space and Time allows developers to join on-chain and off-chain data with cryptographic guarantees and connect query results directly to smart contracts.

Space and Time’s decentralized data warehousing capabilities could help users access Truflation’s real-world data with Proof of SQL cryptographic guarantees through a co-engineered robust API endpoint integration. Users would be able to retrieve and publish data to Truflation’s on-chain inflation indexes without writing a single line of code.

About Space and Time

Space and Time (SxT) is a decentralized data warehouse built for smart contracts. SxT is building the data foundation of Web3: a hybrid transactional database and analytic data warehouse that is fully decentralized and community-operated. SxT employs a novel cryptographic protocol called Proof of SQL to produce a verifiably tamperproof result, allowing developers to join trustless on-chain and off-chain data in a simple SQL format and load the result directly to smart contracts. SxT revolutionizes Web3 data warehousing, powering sub-second queries and enterprise-scale analytics in an entirely tamperproof and blockchain-anchored manner.

About Truflation

Truflation is an economic data aggregator serving independent, unbiased, real-time data on-chain and off-chain, which validates, harmonizes, and calculates outputs using open-source algorithms. Truflation’s indexes are a premium source of independent censorship-resistant financial and economic data on-chain. They power inflation-protected web3 applications and blockchain economies.