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Space and Time

Decentralized Data Warehouse

Space and Time recently announced a collaboration with Google Cloud that centers around its Proof of SQL working with Google Cloud BigQuery and making Space and Time available to deploy on Google Cloud Marketplace. Today, the integration was highlighted on the Google Cloud blog.

In addition to Proof of SQL being accessible in BigQuery, customers can now deploy Space and Time on Google Cloud Marketplace. This allows developers to access a full suite of Web3-native data services, including Proof of SQL, for a more seamless Web3 development experience directly within their Google Cloud environment. 

Included Services

Space and Time is a verifiable compute layer that comes pre-packaged with a full suite of ZK developer tools, including a hybrid (HTAP) data warehouse, indexed blockchain data, an API gateway, an AI-powered data studio, and Proof of SQL. Developers can join offchain datasets with ZK-proven indexed data from major blockchains, run low-latency transactions or scalable analytics, and ZK-prove the result with Proof of SQL.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Space and Time users only pay for compute—data storage and all Space and Time services are always included. Developers can now deploy Space and Time directly on Google Cloud Marketplace.

HTAP Data Warehouse

The core of Space and Time is a hybrid transactional/analytic (HTAP) data warehouse built from the ground up. HTAP combines the point-solutions of traditional databases into one platform by supporting both low-latency transactional app workloads and scalable analytic workloads in the same system.

Figure 1: Space and Time eliminates point-solutions

Space and Time provides row-based OLTP in-memory cache at cluster scale with extreme throughput, up to 2x as fast as legacy transactional databases, as well as column-based GPU-accelerated OLAP with elastic scale-out that’s real-time, fresh, and up to 50% more cost-efficient than legacy data warehouses. The Space and Time data warehouse scales to thousands of concurrent requests with high TPS to power apps and analytics, regardless of the query complexity.

Space and Time is building a decentralized network of data warehouse clusters, but a number of Space and Time customers opt for private deployments of the data warehouse and/or Proof of SQL. Users can deploy on the Space and Time network or in their own VPC.

Space and Time Studio

Developers can connect to Space and Time via REST APIs, JDBC, or the Space and Time Studio: an AI-powered frontend UI for the data warehouse. With the Studio, app developers can publish tamperproof query results to APIs, dashboards, and ML/AI models with a single click; business analysts can power real-time analytics and dashboards without writing a single line of code; and data engineers can generate automatic pipelines, dashboards, and natural-language queries powered by AI.

Indexed Blockchain Data + Your Datasets

Space and Time indexes all major blockchains and stores the data in a relational state, available for free in the data warehouse. Developers can also access data for specific protocols and create new tables from their own smart contract events.

Users can create tables for their own datasets and ingest it into Space and Time via JDBC, API endpoints, and Kafka streams. Once this data is Space and Time, it can be joined with the blockchain data and organized simultaneously. The two can then be presented together in the same charts. For example, a developer could join in-game activity from gaming servers with onchain activity to understand what their community is doing on and offchain. Another example would be joining offchain data streams from traditional financial markets with onchain decentralized finance (DeFi) data Space and Time has indexed.

Figure 2: Onchain and offchain data in the SxT data warehouse

API Gateway and Streaming

Space and Time comes with comprehensive REST APIs so that developers don’t have to deploy a backend app server to build data-driven apps on Space and Time. The API gateway includes built-in Kafka instances to handle high streaming volumes, as well as a native Web3 oracle integration for sending query results to smart contracts. 

Proof of SQL

Proof of SQL was originally designed to verify queries in the Space and Time data warehouse, and comes natively embedded with all Space and Time deployments. Users can request tamperproof queries from any Space and Time interface and receive back ZK-proven results to connect to smart contracts, LLMs, or enterprise business processes.

Unlocking Web3 Development

The collaboration represents an advancement for Web3 development, bridging  Space and Time's Proof of SQL technology with Google Cloud's extensive data warehouse and blockchain indexing capabilities to create a robust, secure, and scalable environment for Web3 developers. Developers have access to a richer set of resources when these two technologies come together than when they’re used separately: a customer deploying Space and Time in their Google Cloud environment has access to more indexed blockchains than Space and Time natively provides, and is also uniquely able to leverage Proof of SQL to verify queries. This collaboration is not just an enhancement; it's a transformation, opening new horizons for developers and positioning Space and Time at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

Space and Time

Decentralized Data Warehouse