Space and Time in 2023

From CEO and Co-Founder Nate Holiday

Nate Holiday

Co-Founder & CEO

It’s hard to believe that Space and Time is in its second year of public development. As I look back on last year, I’m grateful to each of our partners, investors, advisors, team, and community members for all that we’ve done together to advance Space and Time’s mission. As we move into our second year, Space and Time is setting even more ambitious goals centered around building the foundation of the new data economy.

2022 year in review 

Last year, we built a scalable, performant HTAP data warehouse. We developed native integrations with Chainlink, Microsoft Azure, and major blockchains. We laid the foundation to support decentralized queries, data streaming, blockchain indexing with ML insights, node operations, and a next-generation frontend. The Space and Time engineering team made impressive progress on our product goals, and is continuing to do so in 2023.

One of the most energizing accomplishments for Space and Time in 2022 was getting to scale our team. Throughout the year, we onboarded over 40 employees, with a strong concentration on engineers. We’ve been very fortunate to identify and hire some truly amazing people with impressive qualifications in both Web3 and data warehousing, and I couldn’t be happier with the team that we have going into this year.

At the end of last year, Space and Time entered its Controlled Release and the team onboarded the first users of the platform. I’m incredibly proud of the team for taking Space and Time from concept to launch in such a short amount of time.

The progress that Space and Time made in 2022 would not have been possible without our incredible partners and investors. We were thrilled to raise a seed funding round led by Framework Ventures and a strategic funding round led by M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, which made it possible to scale our team and build an ambitious product so aggressively. We joined Chainlink BUILD and NVIDIA Inception, and secured partnerships with some of the biggest names in tech and blockchain, including Microsoft, NVIDIA, Polygon, Avalanche, and Mysten Labs. Our partnerships, funding announcements, and product were covered by top publications including TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, Nasdaq, Business Insider, CoinDesk, Investopedia, Yahoo!,, The Block, and many more, spanning six continents and hundreds of articles highlighting the innovation and hard work of our team. 

Lastly, I want to thank each member of our growing community for your enthusiasm and support of the Space and Time project. Community is arguably the most important aspect of Web3, and we’re very fortunate to have such an amazing community supporting us.

Space and Time in 2023

Space and Time has some very exciting things lined up for 2023. We’re planning to move from Controlled Release to the Open Beta launch of the Space and Time data warehouse in the first half of this year, which means that Web3 and Web2 developers will be able to start building apps with both on and off-chain data. Space and Time will also enable developers to compose smart contracts with cryptographically verifiable data and analytics. 2023 is slated as the release of Proof of SQL™, the novel cryptography developed by our team that guarantees that the queries run in Space and Time are accurate and that the underlying data is tamperproof. Along with the Open Beta and Proof of SQL testnet launch, we plan to open up node operations, so that users can join the Space and Time network and operate a cluster. We’re also looking forward to the release of our dapp frontend, which will allow users to easily run queries and create visualizations of data in Space and Time. 

In the second half of the year, Space and Time plans to move from Open Beta to full production launch of our data warehouse and mainnet Proof of SQL. Our main areas of focus this year—as we move from Controlled Release, to Open Beta, to full launch—are:

  1. Empowering the development of robust real-time applications across Web3 and Web2 with a trustless hybrid transactional database/analytic data warehouse and built-in API layer.
  2. Enriching Layer 1s and Layer 2s by providing a trustless query layer for blockchain data.
  3. Powering a new data-driven ecosystem with a Web3-native data warehouse for blockchain-based gaming, DeFi, and Web2 enterprises seeking to leverage blockchain technology.
  4. Enabling broad deployment of Space and Time clusters alongside Microsoft and other cloud hyperscale partners, while accelerating performance with NVIDIA GPUs.

Final thoughts

Last year was challenging for cryptocurrencies. The collapse of several major players in the crypto space sent waves through the financial sector. But these events highlighted an important truth: there is a big difference between crypto and blockchain technology—a difference that will become self-evident as the market matures and the tech market realizes the regulation inherently built into blockchain technology. Blockchain technology isn’t going anywhere, and now is the opportunity to build essential infrastructure and on-ramps for the next generation of infrastructure to power trustless and verifiable business applications.

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Nate Holiday

Co-Founder & CEO

Nate Holiday is the Co-founder, President and CEO at Space and Time. Nate has spent more than a decade leveraging data and automated analytics to innovate new business models and deliver revenue growth across multiple industries. Nate is recognized in the enterprise software industry for building world-class business units, bringing new products to market, transforming revenue models and delivering high-impact GTM teams. Nate was featured by Mike Weinberg in his Amazon best-seller “#SalesTruth” for transforming and shaping Teradata’s cloud and GTM business. Previous to co-founding Space and Time, Nate held executive leadership roles across the Analytics and Fintech industries. As the Senior Vice President of GTM Operations and Growth at Teradata Corporation, Nate managed the global enterprise growth engine and field operations for over $2B in annual revenue, inclusive of the global cloud business unit. Nate has also served as a Senior Vice President in the FinTech industry driving market leading top and bottom line growth. Nate currently serves as the Chairman of Board for Space and Time, and also serves as a Strategic Advisor to Bain & Co. and Chainlink Labs. Nate holds an B.A. degree from Brigham Young University.