November 7, 2022

Space and Time at LA Blockchain Summit 2022

A recap of our week in Los Angeles

Last week, the Space and Time team attended LA Blockchain Summit, a conference and expo focused on blockchain investing, building, and mainstream adoption. Space and Time CTO and Co-Founder Scott Dykstra gave a main stage presentation, moderated a panel, and sat down for interviews with leading crypto publications. The team also gave demos of the product and explored specific use cases with conference attendees at the Space and Time booth.

Smart Contracts: a Journey through Space and Time

CTO and Co-Founder Scott Dykstra gave a keynote presentation on how Space and Time is empowering the next generation of smart contract automation. Smart contracts are powerful tools for trustless automation, but they’re not data-equipped. Space and Time is a fully decentralized, community operated data platform that connects on-chain and off-chain data directly to smart contracts with cryptographic guarantees. Scott explained how Space and Time will revolutionize the utility and capabilities of smart contracts for developers and enterprises.

A recording of the keynote will be released in the weeks following the conference. 

What Does the Future of Web3 Look Like?

Scott also moderated a main stage panel on the future of Web3, featuring Gavin Gillas of Project Venkman, Alex Miller of Hiro Systems, Philip Schlump of TruckCoinSwap, Andy Anderson of Faculty Group, and Ken DiCross of Wire Network. Scott led a conversation on the barriers to mass adoption of blockchain technology and explored what each project is building and empowering for Web3.

A recording of the panel will be released in the weeks following the conference. 

Space and Time in the media

Josh Kriger of Edge of NFT interviewed Scott to learn more about Space and Time’s mission of building the data foundation of Web3 and expanding smart contract use cases. The interview will be featured on the Edge of NFT podcast.

Scott also sat down with Cookie Zito of Defiance Media to talk about what Space and Time is empowering for Web3 gaming and DeFi, as well as traditional enterprises looking to leverage blockchain technology. The interview will be released on Defiance Media in the weeks following LA Blockchain Summit.

Web3 culture and entertainment

Space and Time closed out the week at an event hosted by Foresight Ventures that featured speakers, panels, and immersive demos focused on the entertainment industry and creator economy of Web3. Scott was included in a panel discussion on the Chainlink BUILD program and Creative Director Spencer Reeves participated in a panel about entertainment elements in the metaverse.

Space and Time booth

Throughout the week, the Space and Time team met with conference attendees to discuss specific use cases and present an early demo of the Space and Time dapp. To learn more about how you can leverage Space and Time for your project, or to schedule a demo, reach out to us.

Space and Time is entering its alpha release at the end of this year. LA Blockchain Summit was a unique opportunity to identify new use cases for the product and connect with the crypto community in LA ahead of the alpha launch. We look forward to continuing to collaborate and drive innovation with members of the Web3 ecosystem.