Space and Time at ETHDenver 2024

A recap of our week in Denver.

Last week, the Space and Time team kicked off our 2024 conference circuit at ETHDenver, a community-owned Web3 developer conference in Denver, Colorado. The energy throughout the week was electric, as devs demoed what they're building, degens celebrated upward-trending charts, and community members connected in person. The Space and Time team gave presentations, spoke on panels, hosted a dinner for our Denver-native team members, and showcased the Space and Time Studio at the Chainlink side event. Here's a recap of our time at ETHDenver.

ETHDenver Day 1

Decentralized AI Day presentation

The event began with a presentation from CTO and Co-Founder Scott Dykstra at SevenX Ventures' Decentralized AI Day. Scott argued that the intersection of AI and blockchain is using blockchain as a tool to verify the integrity of AI models. He walked through the architecture of a "verifiable LLM" and explained how Space and Time, the Verifiable Compute Layer for AI x Blockchain, will be used to verify an LLM's training datasets and sanitize them of IP and PII.

Open Data Day panel

Later that day, Head of Marketing Catherine Daly joined founders and builders from The Graph, Chainbase, Subsquid, KYVE, and Powerloom for a discussion on data networks and their tokenomics. Cat explained how SxT is building a unique solution in the Web3 data space: a Verifiable Compute Layer where developers only pay for compute and indexed blockchain data, storage, APIs, Proof of SQL, the Space and Time Studio, and more are included.

ETHDenver Day 2

DCG House panel

On day 2 of the conference, SxT investor DCG hosted a panel featuring Scott and the founders of Livepeer and Bittensor. The panel explored the future of AI and how blockchain, DePIN networks, and decentralized data solutions can be leveraged to ensure AI is deployed and used in a responsible way.

Space and Time team dinner

One of the highlights of the week was getting together with our Denver-based team members to celebrate how far SxT has come since last ETHDenver. In the last year alone, we launched in beta and shipped Proof of SQL, the Studio, our Chainlink Functions integration, infinite precision, Pay per Compute, Python Data Jobs, Blitzar, v1.0 of the whitepaper, and more.

ETHDenver Day 3

Chainlink Cabin Day booth

On Friday, the team ran a booth at Cabin Day: Chainlink's side event and builder house. The booth featured dashboards for SushiSwap and Bot Club: a new AI-powered game built on SxT.

Foresight Meetup panel

Scott also participated in a panel at the Foresight Meetup, alongside our partner ChainML and representatives from Hyper Oracle, AspectaAI, Ionet, and Spaien AI. The panel examined the impact of decentralized infrastructure on data privacy, security, and ownership rights for AI.

Restaking Summit panel

We wrapped up the week at IOSG Ventures' Restaking Summit, where Scott sat on a panel with other leaders in the ZK coprocessor space to explore how coprocessors are ushering in a new era of scalability and security for Ethereum devs.


The undeniable theme of ETHDenver 2024 was the intersection of AI x Blockchain. Space and Time has been building critical infra in this vertical for over a year, and we're excited to see the innovation of new applications and use cases that follows. We look forward to delivering on our roadmap as we build the Verifiable Compute Layer for AI x Blockchain throughout this year and beyond.