October 6, 2022

Space and Time at SmartCon 2022

A recap of our week in New York

Last week, the Space and Time team attended SmartCon, Chainlink’s flagship conference. Throughout the week, we announced funding and partnerships, presented at the conference and gave interviews with leading media. 

Bringing enterprises to Web3

Space and Time x Microsoft

Space and Time kicked off the week by announcing a successful strategic funding round led by Microsoft’s M12 fund. Space and Time is an enterprise-scale decentralized data warehouse that connects tamperproof on and off-chain data directly to smart contracts. Our partnership with Microsoft is an important step to bridging the gap between traditional enterprise data management and smart contract utility—providing Web2 enterprises with secure and familiar access to run analytics against blockchain-native data and off-chain customer data with smart contract composability. 

Fireside chat with Arianna Huffington

The funding announcement was followed by a fireside chat moderated by Arianna Huffington featuring SxT CEO Nate Holiday and Rashmi Misra, GM of AI and Emerging Technologies at Microsoft. Nate and Rashmi discussed how the Space and Time/Microsoft partnership will accelerate the mainstream adoption of Web3-native data tools and empower traditional enterprises to automate business processes with smart contracts.

Main stage with Arianna Huffington, Rashmi Mishra, and Nate Holiday

Integrating with Chainlink technology

Chainlink BUILD participation

On the first day of the conference, we announced our participation in the new Chainlink BUILD program. Our partnership with Chainlink is integral to realizing the Space and Time mission of connecting analytics against tamperproof on-chain and off-chain data directly to smart contracts. BUILD will power our development of a highly secure and reliable oracle solution for validating queries made in the Space and Time data warehouse. Space and Time also plans to provide economic incentives to service providers in the Chainlink ecosystem.

Chainlink BUILD panel

Nate joined Stefan Rust of Truflation, Vijay-Pravin Maharajan of bitsCrunch, Michael Nowotny of Krypton Labs and moderator Oliver Birch of Chainlink for a panel on Chainlink BUILD. The panel discussed how BUILD is empowering the growth of Web3 projects using cutting-edge oracle tech and what that means for inaugural participants Space and Time, Truflation, bitsCrunch and Krypton Labs. A video recording of the panel will be released in the weeks following SmartCon. 

SmartCon Stage with fellow Web3 Leaders and Space and Time CEO, Nate Holiday

Space and Time in the media

Throughout the week, Nate interviewed with Nasdaq, CoinDesk and Decrypt to discuss our partnerships with Microsoft and Chainlink and the innovation that Space and Time will bring to Web3.

Nasdaq TradeTalks

Nate sat down with Jill Malandrino of Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss why a Web3-native decentralized data warehouse is needed to power dApps and enterprise-grade use of smart contracts. 

“Look at all the amazing #decentralized applications that are being built today—gaming applications, #DeFi applications, enterprise business applications—they all need #data. Being able to combine on and off-chain data is a requirement to power applications. That’s what we do.”

You can view a recording of the conversation here.

Set of Nasdaq TV with Malandrino and Holiday

CoinDesk TV

“What we’re building is a decentralized data warehouse that can combine on and off-chain data at scale that will connect data from centralized databases back to smart contracts.”

Nate was featured on CoinDesk TV, where he shared insight into our partnership with Microsoft and the value that Space and Time adds to the Web3 ecosystem.

“All these decentralized applications that are being built today are being built on centralized databases. Are these really decentralized applications if all the data is centralized? We invite those that are building projects throughout the Web3 ecosystem to come build with us.”

You can view a video recording of the conversation here.

Coindesk.tv live interview TV Set with Nate Holiday


“Our goal is to expand the use of smart contracts, where it’s not limited, as it is today, by storage and compute.”

Nate was also interviewed by Dan Roberts and Stacy Elliot of Decrypt to explain how Space and Time’s decentralized data warehousing capabilities will empower new and advanced use cases for Web3 projects and enterprises.

Decrypt, Chainlink, SmartCon backdrop with Space and Time CEO

The excitement surrounding Space and Time is greater than ever, and we’re just getting started. To learn more about what we’re building and how you can leverage Space and Time for your dApps, smart contracts and enterprise-grade analytic needs, connect with us.