Space and Time Rolls out Pay per Compute Pricing Model

Product announcement.

Catherine Daly

Head of Product Marketing

Space and Time is excited to announce a new pricing model that allows you to pay only for the queries that you run. The introduction of Pay per Compute, in addition to the compute subscription models already offered, will enable developers, analysts, and Web3 enthusiasts to build apps and dashboards on Space and Time with more flexibility. Pay per Compute is now available in beta.

The new model will make it easier and more affordable for developers to build in Web3.

You can get started today by signing into the Space and Time Studio with your wallet. No email sign up required.

What it is and why we built it

The data layer in Web3 is highly fragmented, and today developers are paying for and assembling separate tools for indexing, storage, OLTP, OLAP, APIs, streaming, and ZK compute. Space and Time packages a full stack of developer tools in a single decentralized deployment. And unlike virtually every other database solution out there, when you use Space and Time, all you pay for is compute.

Since Space and Time launched in beta in April, devs have been able to access the data warehouse by subscribing to compute on the Azure marketplace. Subscription-based pricing is perfect for projects that have significant compute needs and want access to all the Space and Time services at a fixed rate. We’ve seen lots of excitement from our ecosystem around our pricing structure, as the price point is up to 50% lower than popular cloud data warehouses.  

But Space and Time wasn’t only built for big projects with big compute requirements… It was also built for the first-time smart contract developer, the entry-level data analyst, and the casual Web3 enthusiast. Space and Time was built for the community. We’ve introduced Pay per Compute so that you can build dapps and dashboards with as much flexibility as you need. You don’t have to worry about committing to or underutilizing a fixed subscription; you can get started right away with no overhead.

How it works

As of today, anyone can head to the Space and Time Studio—no email sign up required—and start running queries, building dashboards, and more, without a compute subscription. Simply navigate over to the Studio and sign in with your wallet in just a few clicks.

Access comes with 30 free queries a month. Beyond that, you’ll be prompted to choose a subscription type. Select the “Usage-Based” option and connect your payment method.

What will I be charged for?

Regardless of which pricing model you choose, you only pay for compute. Storage, indexed blockchain data, the Space and Time Studio, the API gateway, and more are always included. When you choose Pay per Compute, you only pay for the queries that execute successfully. Compute costs are calculated using a gas-like model where each Space and Time Unit (STU) costs 1 USD.

How are STUs calculated?

The STU cost per query is calculated using a gas-like model based on how much compute it took to execute the query. Today, each STU is 1 USD. Please keep in mind that Pay per Compute is in beta, and this number may change over time. You can always check back on the Space and Time Studio to get the latest price.

How many queries can I run per STU?

The number of queries that you can run per STU depends on the amount of compute used by each query. Small look-up queries use less compute than large analytic queries, for example.

Will I be charged immediately when I enter my payment method?

You will not be charged immediately. On the 5th of every month, your payment method will be charged only for the query requests that completed successfully.

What it enables

Community dashboards

Space and Time comes preloaded with indexed data from major chains, so you can start building dashboards with blockchain data right away. Track token liquidity, transaction volumes, and yield farming stats across different DeFi protocols, visualize the hottest NFT collections, or examine transaction speeds, block sizes, and validation times.

Flexible dapp development

Pay per Compute isn’t just available to Studio users, you can also access it through our REST APIs. Build data-driven dapps directly on Space and Time with complete flexibility. Prototype faster, iterate on the go, and deploy when you're ready.

Cost efficiency and scalability

Never before has it been so easy to scale up or down based on your project's requirements. Whether you're an indie developer just getting your feet wet or a seasoned enterprise building the next big platform, the Pay per Compute model ensures you get optimal value. Only pay for what you use.

We're excited to open the Space and Time Studio to all developers, ecosystem partners, and community members with this new flexible pricing model and we can't wait to see what you build on Space and Time.

Catherine Daly

Head of Product Marketing

Catherine Daly is a senior marketing strategist with a passion for building community around emerging technology. Prior to Space and Time, Catherine managed full-funnel marketing for both startups and established global organizations in the semiconductor industry. She is accomplished in developing data-driven integrated communications strategies to accelerate growth for businesses across Web3 and the technology ecosystem. At Space and Time, Catherine oversees all growth, community, brand, product marketing, and content strategy.