Introducing Space and Time Community Points

Rewarding community engagement.

Space and Time is a community-first project, and we’re immensely grateful for the continued support of our amazing community as we build the Verifiable Compute Layer for Web3. One of our primary goals for 2024 was to design new ways to reward individual community members for their participation and engagement with SxT. To kick off the new year, we are excited to unveil Space and Time Community Points! Developed on the Zealy platform, the new community engagement system represents a significant leap forward in how SxT encourages and rewards community activity. 

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About Space and Time Community Points

At its core, the Space and Time Community Points system is about more than rewarding participation; it's about building a vibrant, interactive community around our tech and ecosystem. By participating in various activities and engagements with Space and Time, members can earn points that symbolize their contributions and involvement. 

Community Points are conceptualized as markers of engagement within our ecosystem and are not intended to have real-world value. It's important to note that Space and Time currently does not currently have a token. Stay vigilant against any claims of SxT tokens and protect yourself from potential scams. Please reach out to a moderator or team member if you’re ever unsure whether an interaction is official and safe. 

Please also note that Community Points are in beta and the structure of the system may change over time. We’ll be constantly adding new quests and rewards as community members unlock new levels. Stay tuned!

How to engage

By actively participating in our community, you'll accumulate points on Zealy. Some quests are geared specifically toward developers and analysts, while others are intended for universal community engagement. Some examples of tasks you might see include:

  • Build a public dashboard on the Space and Time Studio
  • Build a demo app on SxT
  • Translate a SxT blog into another language
  • Create an infographic about SxT

Rewarding engagement

While Community Points do not have real-world value, they serve as a metric of engagement and contribution within the community. In line with our commitment to enhancing community engagement, we will periodically announce various rewards linked to the points system. These rewards might include exclusive access to events, special status within the community, or other benefits.

A special note to early supporters

If you’ve been part of the SxT community, you may have already been earning some points on Zealy from quizzes and small tasks. For our dedicated community members who have been with us and actively engaged through Zealy, your efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Your previously earned points are still valid and will be honored in our new system. This is our way of saying thank you and acknowledging your contributions. Your early support remains a cornerstone of our community's success.

Ready for launch

We invite each one of you to be an active part of this journey. Whether you're a new member or have been with us since the beginning, your participation is what shapes the Space and Time community. Join us in this exciting new chapter of Space and Time!

Have more questions? We have answers!

I have already accumulated some points on the SxT Zealy from previous activities. Will these points transfer over?

Yes, any points you have already earned through SxT activities on Zealy will be carried over to the new system. This seamless transition means early supporters are already on their way to redeeming rewards based on previously accumulated points.

Can Community Points be transferred between members?

No, Community Points are unique to each member's contributions and efforts. As such, they cannot be transferred between members, ensuring that rewards are earned and redeemed individually.

Are there any participation limits or caps on earning points?

SxT does not plan to institute any caps on how many points you can earn. You can earn as many points as is supported by the Zealy platform. We will periodically add rewards as community members unlock new levels. 

Is there a leaderboard of top contributors?

You can view the realtime leaderboard on Zealy. 

How will Space and Time address potential gaming or exploitation of the points system?

We work closely with Zealy, implementing strict measures to prevent bots and exploitation. Our Discord server also has robust measures in place to maintain the integrity of the points system.

Will there be opportunities for community input or suggestions on quests and rewards?

We highly value community input! Feel free to share your ideas for quests and rewards in our Discord.

Is there a specific start date when members can begin earning points?

The updated points system is active now! You can begin earning points immediately by participating in community activities.

Are there different levels or tiers within the points system?

Yes, these are shown in Zealy. Unlocking new levels is the key to earning rewards. As new rewards are added, we will list these in Discord.

How does one redeem points for the announced rewards?

Some rewards will redeem automatically, others will have to be distributed manually by the SxT team. Either way, all you have to do is earn! Your points, completed quests, and current level are all tracked in Zealy. We’ll provide more information on the reward process as new rewards are announced.

Other questions?

You can always reach out to us on Discord with any other questions you have!