Press Kit

Welcome to the Space and Time Brand Marketing and Press page. Follow these directions when promoting Space and Time in marketing communications, including advertising, articles, websites, and printed promotions.

Logo + Type Assets

Avoid using the logo at small sizes.

Logo + Logotype Spacing

The Space and Time logo + logotype requires a certain amount of buffer to prevent the logo from becoming cluttered by surrounding artwork, images, or the edge of a page. Below are the minimum spacings for both the logo and logotype.
Logo Spacing
Logotype Spacing

Standard Logotype Format

Logotype for a variety of backgrounds
Color Logo and Text
Use on darker backgrounds
White Logo and Text
Use on darker backgrounds
Black Logo and Text
Use on lighter backgrounds

Space and Time Logomark

Space and Time - Blue Violet

Space and Time colors and gradients.
Gradients are acceptable for media and press backgrounds.
Space and Time Gradient
Space and Time Multi-Color Gradient

Space and Time Colors

Space and Time Violet - #390084
Space and Time Magenta - #A4288F
Space and Time Black - #000000

Media Announcement Backgrounds

Additional Resources

Read through our Blog, discover the latest news, and read about upcoming Web3 developments.

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