Web3-Native, Decentralized
Analytics Platform

Powering low-latency queries and tamperproof analytics across Web3.

Delivering unmatched
performance, at scale

To Power A
Trustless Web.

Lightspeed-fast queries

Fully decentralized, transactional and analytical, all in one

Multi-chain backend for any dapp

We handle “reading from” and “writing to” any major blockchain, so dapp devs only need to deploy smart contracts and client UX

Tamperproof analytic infrastructure

Blockchain-secured, in-memory real-time data warehouse

We’re on a mission to decentralize data

Dapps built on top of Space and Time become blockchain interoperable, crunching SQL + machine learning for Gaming/DeFi data as well as any decentralized applications that need verifiable tamper proofing, blockchain-security, or enterprise scale. We turn any major blockchain into a next-gen database by connecting off-chain storage with on-chain analytic insights.

For dapp developers everywhere

Realtime analytics with familiar SQL tools

< .1 sec low-latency transactions

Transactional SQL for quick lookups and finality, ensuring CAP consistency and ACID compliance

Scalable OLAP Queries

Join on-chain and off-chain data,
making multi-chain integration, indexing, and anchoring data easy

Built-in enterprise encryption and security

Enabling advanced data security with groundbreaking new capabilities

Protect your Data, Everywhere

All of your data, wherever it is, protected all of the time.

Encrypted Data Sharing

Data stays encrypted whether you're sharing data downstream or to third parties.

Backed By

Experienced industry experts, building the future together

Analytics Roadmap

Our Mission


Developing a novel Proof of SQL mechanism and continue to decentralize our data warehouse for OLAP workloads

Blockchain Integration

Connect our decentralized data warehouse to major blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon

Database Integration

Integrating our transactional database workloads into a data platform.

Chainlink DON Integration

Integrate into Chainlink's Decentralized Oracle Network to connect into hybrid smart contracts. Add indexing support for Solana, Avalanche, and Fantom

Step 5

Ready to Scale

Deliver platform as a service. Scale out high-performance storage platform on IPFS and Main net

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Space and Time

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Inclusive, Career Fostering

Space and Time is an EOE and committed to building team of diverse leaders.

Flexible hours

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Our team is growing fast, and we pay you to get as deep into the Web3 ecosystem as you can.